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Terms of Service

General Terms

Clients agree to pay for the services provided by the Registry Agent as selected by the client at the established rates listed on the Service Alberta website (

Services are paid for in advance using credit or debit card by the client. Upon completing the payment transaction, the client will be notified via email that the order will be processed by the selected has been Registry Agent. Registry Agent will respond to the client within two business day to confirm the transaction and method of delivery or identify whether there are issues with the transaction that require resolution.

Delivery Policy

Clients may either pick up the order in person or select an alternative delivery option such as courier or mail depending upon availability. If the option selected by the client is in person, it is incumbent upon the client to pick up the order within 7 working days. If the client selects and alternative delivery option such as courier or mail, the standard delivery applies in accordance with the policy of the shipping provider. Courier or mail delivery is only available for Alberta addresses.

The delivery arrangement is between the Registry Agent and the client. The provision of courier services is separate from your vehicle registration renewal. It is not government by Service Alberta and is considered a separate arrangement agreement solely with your Registry Agent.

Registry Connect cannot guarantee delivery time regardless of your chosen delivery method.

Refund Policy

If the Registry Agent receives the client order, and cannot process it for any reason, fees will be refunded directly to the credit or debit card that was used for payment.

Once an order has been processed by the Registry Agent, fees are non-refundable.

Should there be any issues arising from the use of courier or mail service, it is at the discretion of the Registry Agent to determine refund eligibility for the courier or mail portion of the transaction.

Complaint Policy

If you have concerns or complaints about the service, please contact us by email or in writing. Include your name and contact information, your transaction number and the name of the Registry Agent. All complaints will be reviewed and responded to within 7 working days of receiving your comments.

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